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NJ Restaurants

BLAIRSTOWN -- We flew up to Blairstown NJ. It is a nice rural airport just off the base of the Blue Mt. which is the ridge that runs nearly continuous from NY to GA. There is a small restaurant  there so we planned this as the lunch stop. When we got there the sail plane towing was going on pretty steady with the ridge and thermal lift working..we went in for lunch and sat at a window looking over the glider operations area. A small biplane went up and treated us to a fair acrobatic show. Planes came and went and the humming bird feeders right outside the window filled in the aerial entertainment. After going back outside we found that the maintenance shop  was open and seemed to be busy. The activity at this airport at least on this particular day gives hope to the way it should be. Really a fun day. Happy flying... Joe H.

SOUTH JERSEY REGIONAL (VAY) -- Good food, Good prices,& friendly people. Park right in front of the restaurant. Email: wweaver@prodigy.net

SUSSEX AIRPORT (KFWN) --  In the Skylands region of New Jersey. There is a diner 100 yards from ramp, good typical "diner" food. Flying in gives one a chance to see some beautiful scenery such as the mountains near High Point Monument, and the North Jersey ski slopes. This is the home of (the no longer held) Sussex Airshow, the greatest little airshow on earth!

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