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Overmountain Flyers

The Overmountain Flyer
(A Un-Official Publication of a Un-Official Group of Overmountain Flyers)

Your First Time:  Remember your first time?  The building excitement. A little fear, a lot of anticipation. wpe9.jpg (42640 bytes) Then, the big moment.  Your mouth is dry, your heart is racing. You climb into the cockpit, the engine fires and your life is changed forever.  Never again will you be able to walk without looking to the sky.  You will relive this day over and over, forever.  The memories are permanently.  Etched into your soul. Yours for a life time.  

Young Eagles: The club hosted a Young Eagle Fly In on Saturday, May 31. The weather was great, the kids wpe7.jpg (47299 bytes) excited and the event was perfect. Special thanks to Steve Davis who quickly picked up the roll of On Site Manager of the event. Excellent job by Steve. Another fly in will be scheduled sometime within the next two months. It may be a little earlier to get the cool morning air.

Winchester Fly In: The club will be flying in mass to Winchester TN this Saturday, June 7. Winchester host a pancake breakfast every First Saturday. We will be going over for the breakfast, if we have to taxi the planes. It time to start flying! Plans are to leave RHP between 8:00 am and 8:30 am. It is about a one hour flight. Everyone should come out and enjoy the flight and the fun. If you are planning on going, let me know, we may need to work out a plane / passenger schedule.

Celebration Of Flight: Steve Vicknair is working out the details to have a Celebration of Flight. This may be in conjunction with the 100th anniversary of flight, with a December time frame. It may include military aircraft and static displays. We need to get behind Steve on this and give him our full support. This could turn into a very big community project and greatly enhance the airport's status within the area.

John and Andy: As of last week John and Andy were still at Fort Dix. Their equipment has been forwarded to the Gulf, but they are still waiting on deployment. Let all wish them a safe deployment and speedy return.

Tables and Canopy: We now have a little over $100 in pledges to pay for picnic tables and a canopy for the front area of the hangars. If anyone would like to help with the cost it would be a great benefit.

On-Line Bookings: The airplanes are now scheduled by using on line books. This gives everyone visibility of the planes schedule. You will need an access code to enter the website. The site also contains news of the club and other information. If you would like to have your name added to the access list please let me know. The website is www.aircraftclubs.com I will send anyone who wishes to be included, a access code. E-mail is a requirement to used the system. You may book a plane for up to two weeks in advance.

Planes: As of now we have the Cherokee in full service to the club. The Tomahawk is all but ready to be included as a IFR trainer. I've got to workout the arrangements with the FBO to pay for tie downs but keep the planes at the T-Hangars. The planes are available full time. If you want to have your name added to the "Authorized" Pilots list please drop me a note.

New Hangars: Jerry Gottlieb, (flies the Cherokee Six), stopped by on Sunday. He is building the next roll of T-Hangars. He has some that have not been sold. If you are interested you can contact Jerry at Jerry@GottLaw.Com

Mentors: We currently have four people in the Mentor program. They are very excited. One girl, according to her grandmother, sets by the phone waiting for a call to fly. She really has taken this to heart. If you see them at the airport, offer some encouragement and thank the Mentors.

Meeting: We need to have a group meeting at our regular Second Saturday gathering. Everyone should try to attend. It will be at 10:30 am and should last less than an hour. I will send out an agenda before the meeting. Basic business notes and any new ideals or business. Hopefully Steve can share his ideals about the Celebration.

Misc: Just some notes of airport stuff.

Everyone should have seen the news reports of the FBI flying out of RHP. There was a stream of people at the airport on Sunday hoping to catch a glimpse. Alvin was interviewed by a reporter for MSNBC.

It's nice to see some new airplanes being stationed at the airport. I've seen a few new ones and some summer residences are arriving.

The new hangars will be a big benefit for us all. Nice to see the expansion taking place and a special thanks to Steve Vicknair for becoming the driving force behind the airports continued improvements.

Ed has a new 295 GPS.

I need some E-Mail Address for:

Bill Tabb - I keep getting bounces from his.

Dudley? (Chuck can you sent this)

Anyone else that may be interested.

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